Tomorrow’s Timber

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Towards the next building revolution

Abundantly illustrated, Tomorrow’s Timber covers topics based on the latest scientific insights and statistics. Also included are inspiring case studies from all over the world, which show that the mass timber revolution has already begun.

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Paperback: 192 pages / English / 160 x 240 mm

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Timber has evolved from a traditional building material to ‘mass timber’, an engineered high-performance product from which complete construction systems and even high- rise buildings can be made. Mass timber has the potential to usher in a three-fold revolution in the way we build.

  • An ecological revolution because of the enormous sustainability benefits of mass timber over its non renewable, fossil-based counterparts.
  • An economical, functional and technical revolution through the integration of ICT-based production technologies to support prefabrication of complete building systems in factories, increasing quality, safety and building speed.
  • An aesthetic and well-being revolution made possible by the spectacular possibilities of parametric design and the substantial psychological and health benefits of mass timber.Abundantly illustrated, Tomorrow’s Timber covers all the above topics based on the latest scientific insights and statistics and lessons learned from practice. Also included are inspiring case studies from all over the world, which show that the mass timber revolution has already begun.About the authorsLead Author Pablo van der Lugt (PhD MSc) is a senior sustainability consultant for the wood and bamboo industry as well as a lecturer in Biobased Building at Delft University of Technology (Environmental Technology & Design). Previously he wrote Booming Bamboo, also published by Material District.Co-author Atto Harsta (MSc) is an independent innovation consultant for the building industry and architecture with more than twenty years’ experience, focused on contributing to a healthy and circular built environment.

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8 reviews for Tomorrow’s Timber

  1. Diederik van der Hoeven (verified owner)

    Tomorrow’s Timber is an excellent overview of modern building techniques in timber. With an emphasis on modern wood products, made from laminated wood; these allow much architectural freedom. Right at the start, the book dispels four timber myths, prejudices about building in timber. Like that a timber building is not safe in case of fire. The book argues against these prejudices. In short, on the opening page; and at length, in the entire book.
    The book shows that timber buildings are much more sustainable than buildings made from bricks, concrete or steel. It argues this case extensively. The most important factor being that concrete production is one of the most important emitters of carbon dioxide.
    The book devotes much attention to timber innovations. Many of timber’s achievements result from such innovations. Wooden beams aren’t simply cut from a tree any more. All structural elements are engineered. This greatly improves the material’s properties. The new technologies allow for very large spans and innovative architectural design. They even allow the construction of high-rise timber buildings. The new technologies also improve the performance of wooden buildings in terms of structure, fire safety, acoustics, seismic resistance etc. On top of that, timber buildings are generally perceived by their occupants to be agreeable.
    Timber buildings require a precise building process in order to be competitive to conventional building. Many elements have to be constructed in the factory and then mounted onsite. Also, qualities like airtightness, acoustics and low vibration require much precision in the building process.
    The world faces an increased urbanization. Constructing our cities in mass timber will allow us to combine this with GHG reductions – not so if we should continue building them in concrete. And: timber is in ample supply, if we should use our resources wisely. A fine book, and timely published.

  2. Rachel Bailey (verified owner)

    An excellent book! I am a landscape designer, so whilst the information on buildings is not directly relevant, the information on how timber fits in a bio-based economy, the basics of wood, and modified wood especially with regards to strength and durability of is directly relevant to my work. It is a very inspiring book – thank you!

  3. Sybren Bosch

    A book which provides deep insight in the potential of timber constructions, both stressing the sustainability potential of timber and technical details for construction professionals. A must-read for those who want to work on a futureproof built environment!

  4. Jasper Jobse (verified owner)

    Dit boek bruist van de creativiteit, vernuft en vakmanschap. Tijdens het lezen verwonder ik mijzelf waarom we eigenlijk nog met steen bouwen. Hout heeft zoveel meer mogelijkheden tot expressie en individualiteit, dat het zijn gebruikers vrolijk maakt.
    De voorbeelden zijn een goede verzameling van het mooiste dat hout op dit moment te bieden heeft.

  5. David de Vries (verified owner)

    Its a great read! Really enjoyed it and great visual illustrations. Building with timber should be the future

  6. Julie Fuchs

    This book is a “must read” for everyone willing to learn about wood, and understand what it can offer in the building sector in order to reduce our carbon emissions. Concrete or steel are often (but not always) remplaceable by wood: this book shows why and how.

    You will find here a great source of knowledge about this living material from its natural form to its possible transformations for the construction.

    A little bigger than a A5-format, this relatively small book is easy to take everywhere! Thanks to the informative simple schemes and the nice graphics, the (sometimes complex) information is easy to understand and memorize. Illustrations and references complete the information.

    I highly recommend!

  7. web

    It’s enormous that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing as well as from
    our dialogue made at this place.

  8. Petran


    Just finished this book, definitely recommended if you’re interested in wood/timber & architecture and belief in today’s possibilities of building better buildings.

    Good read, interesting cases , great infographics and based on a well balanced mix of actual facts, science and knowledge.

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